Glitters and Flakes

Bio degradable glitters

BIO Glitters ChemTech represents a forward-thinking line of products, designed to support sustainable economic development. Crafted from cellulose-based biodegradable film, our glitters come in various colours and particle sizes. They are ideal for applications, where microplastic restrictions or technological constraints prevent the use of synthetic polymer- or aluminium-based alternatives.

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Mica flakes

Tiny and coarse mineral slices of Mica Flakes provide an excellent visual impact with the rough, compressed stone texture look. With particles available in various sizes and colours, these flakes authentically replicate natural materials, enhancing surfaces with tactile sensations and a captivating three-dimensional effect.

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Mica Flakes ChemTech Particle size, mm Effect
MFW2501 0.8 Twinkling White
MFW2503 2.0-3.4 Coarse Flaky White
MFG5571 0.8 Sparkling Amber
MFG5573  2.0-3.4 Coarse Flaky Amber
MFG5581 0.8 Soft Gold
MFG5581  2.0-3.4 Coarse Flaky Soft Gold
MFB9501 0.8 Twinkling Black
MFB9503  2.0-3.4 Coarse Flaky Black

Pet glitters

PET Glitters by ChemTech – incumbent of our product lineup, engineered to deliver vibrant, colourful brilliance and a striking sense of depth. Carefully selected metallized polymer films allow reaching a balance between thermal resistance and a maximum number of particles in the unit of weight. Using of examined, chemically stable, and thermoresistant colouring agents assures stable colours of the sparkling material during your whole accomplishment process.

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Aluminium glitters

Aluminium Glitters ChemTech embody a perfect combination of aesthetics and durability. Made of aluminium foil, they withstand temperature and mechanical impact while remaining bright and stylish. Available in a spectrum of colours and sizes, they continue to be a favored choice for applications in plastics and outdoor coatings.

Glitter flakes

Glitter Flakes by ChemTech offer an ideal way to bring a vibrant sparkle and extravagance to any design. Resembling shattered mirror mosaic pieces, these flakes boast a sharp and dynamic particle form, yet deliver a harmonious blend of soft hues and glittering iridescence. While their application may pose some challenges, the captivating results promise to infuse surfaces with a fresh and dynamic aesthetic.

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