White Pearlescent Pigments

White pearlescent pigments offer the versatility to mimic various textures such as fibres, marble, and even wool. Often chosen by designers aiming for sophistication, the silk effect provided by these pigments resembles expensive shimmering materials.

The fundamental structure of pearlescent pigments consists of a platelet of natural or artificial mica coated with one or more metal oxide layers. Intricate patterns are formed through phases of reflection, refraction, and light transmission between these layers.

The white series of Pearlescent Pigments by ChemTech encompasses a wide range of shades, from the natural yellowish-grey tones of mica to vibrant pure whites crafted from artificial mica. Moreover, you can choose from a diverse spectrum of brightness levels, ranging from matte opacity to radiant shimmer.

The selection presented is just a fraction of our extensive portfolio. Should you require something truly unique, our Production Site in Riga stands ready to tailor solutions exclusively for your needs.

White Natural Mica

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
NK110 <15 Opaque White
NK120 5-25 Silky White
NK100 10-60 Luster White
NK153 10-100 Shiny White
NK163 40-200 Sparkling White
NK183 40-300 Radiant White

White Artificial Mica

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
SR8110 <15 Soft White
SR8000 5-25 Silky White
SR8300 10-60 Icy Silver White
SR8500 10-100 Shimmering White
SK8800 40-250 Sparkling White
SK8900 50-300 Brilliant White
SK9000H 100-1000 Flaky White


CT White

Discover the allure of our white pearlescent pigments, recognized for their semi-transparency, neutral hue, and exceptional coloration capabilities. Elevate your décor with a silky snow-white tone, accentuating intricate details with a delicate touch of shimmering metallic brilliance. Our premium pigments, crafted from high-quality mica, empower you to bring your creative visions to life with unparalleled sophistication.

Our exclusive series of white Pearlescent Pigments by ChemTech was designed to satisfy the most demanding customers and stir the imaginations of others. Whether you seek a deep matte finish or a crystalline sparkle, from subtle translucence to bold opacity, you’ll find the perfect material to complement your unique design.

Product name Particle size, µm Effect
CT910 5-25 Satin Deep White
CT920 10-30 Silky Platin White
CT82 10-45 Majestic Silver Shine
CT85 10-100 Majestic Shimmering Silver
CT89 40-200 Majestic Silver Sparkle
GP8011 10-100 Crystalline Elegant Shine
GP8700 100-700 Crystalline Flaky Luster

Iridescent Pearlescent Pigments

Iridescent pigments, often overlooked in décor, possess a mesmerizing complexity born from their intricate layering and diverse materials. They create captivating interplays of colour and effects through the careful arrangement of layers, resulting in captivating refractions and reflections of light.

Our iridescent line of Pearlescent Pigments from ChemTech offers both natural and artificial mica options. With varying particle sizes, these pigments offer a range of effects, from subtle satin finishes with excellent coverage to dazzling semi-transparent sparkles. The assortment of looks will capture your imagination with soft semi-visible tones in light-coloured expressions to more vivid hues on dark backgrounds.

This selection represents just a fraction of our extensive portfolio. If you’re in search of something truly unique, our team at the Production Site in Riga stands ready to tailor a solution exclusively for your needs.

Iridescent Natural Mica

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
NK201 5-25 Light Gold
NK205A 10-60 Iridescent Gold
NQ215 10-60 Opalescent Red
NQ219 10-60 Nacreous Violet
NQ224 10-60 Satiny Blue
NQ235 10-60 Magnificent Green

Iridescent Artificial Mica

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
SK8205A 10-60 Vibrant Light Gold
SR8215 10-60 Crystal Red
SR8219 10-60 Charming Violet
SR8225 10-60 Shimmering Blue
SR8235 10-60 Sapphire Green
SR8605 10-100 Magnetic Light Gold
SR8615 10-100 Brilliant Red
SR8619 10-100 Mulberry Violet
SR8625 10-100 Shiny Blue
SR8635 10-100 Radiant Green
SR8805 40-200 Sparkling Light Gold


CT Interference

Interference pigments are among the most optically sophisticated special effects. Unlike usual colour shades that absorb some of the incident light or metallic coatings that reflect it, interference pigments involve light waves that are shifted together due to reflections and refractions, showing the brilliance in all their glory.

The brightness of Interference Pigments ChemTech will capture your imagination. Their effects range from soft hues in shining formulations to more intense colours with dark backgrounds spicing up any surface design. Saturated shades combined with iridescent inclusions will create an original outline that will be impossible to look away from!

Product name Particle size, µm Effect
CT053 10-60 Light Interference Gold
CT001, CT010 10-100 / 40-200 Royal Interference Gold
CT002, CT020 10-100 / 40-200 Lucent Burgundy Red
CT003, CT030 10-100 / 40-200 Radiant Moonstone Blue
CT004, CT040 10-100 / 40-200 Vivid Violet Glow
CT006, CT050 10-100 / 40-200 Radiant Lucid Dream
CT1234 40-200 Warm Arctic
CT2345 40-200 Cool Arctic


CT Chameleon

Chameleons are one of the most advanced effect pigments in the design world! Their colours change depending on the angle you are looking at them. The more hooks or facets you use, the more dramatic and cosmic effect you will see. On broad, smooth surfaces, you will also observe a shift; depending on the light, the result will be more subtle.

Unlike traditional pearlescent pigments, our saturated Chameleon Pigments from ChemTech with super tiny particle sizes have a mirror effect, allowing you to use a minimal amount to get a solid colour-shifting effect. Conversely, coarse and flaky pieces deliver a captivating shimmer, accentuated by enchanting shade shifts.

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
CT45PG 10-45 Purple – Gold – Red
CT45BV 10-45 Blue – Violet – Purple
CT45BG 10-45 Blue – Green – Violet
CT45GV 10-45 Green – Violet – Gold
CT45GG 10-45 Gold – Green – Blue
CT100PG 30-100 Purple – Gold – Red
CT100BV 30-100 Blue – Violet – Purple
CT100GB 30-100 Green – Blue – Violet
CT100GG 30-100 Gold – Green – Blue
CT100VG 30-100 Violet – Gold – Green

Gold & More Pearlescent Pigments

Silky and bright metallic effects with a broad spectrum of hues provide every element with sophisticated royal elegance. Extensive luxuriously materials allow the creation of an impressive accent of beauty for the design.

The basic structure of golden and other pearl pigments is a tiny or coarse particle of natural and artificial mica coated with metal oxides. As a result of reflected, refracted, and transmitted light processes, we offer a rich palette of hues and luminosity levels, ensuring your creation radiates with unparalleled brilliance.

The vibrant metallic series of Pearlescent Pigments ChemTech boasts a captivating array of colours, shades, and diverse brightness levels, empowering creators with boundless possibilities to craft truly unique effects.

This selection represents just a glimpse of our extensive portfolio. For a bespoke touch tailored to your vision, our Production Site in Riga stands ready to bring your creative aspirations to life.

Gold & Bronze Natural Mica

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
NK302 5-25 Bright Gold
NK323 5-25 Deep Gold
NK300 5-25 Saturated Gold
NK303 10-60 Royal Gold
NK305 10-60 Metal Gold
NP305M 10-60 Starry Gold
NQ520 10-60 Warm Copper
NK522 5-25 Light Copper
NQ524 5-25 Burgundy Copper
NQ502 10-60 Orange Copper
NQ500 10-60 Classic Bronze
NQ504 10-60 Red Copper

Gold Artificial Mica

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
SC1302 5-25 Light Soft Gold
SC1323 5-25 Reddish Soft Gold
SC1325 5-25 Greenish Soft Gold
SC1305 10-60 Luster Gold
SC1315 10-100 Shiny Gold
SC1365 40-200 Glittery Gold
SK9006H 100-1000 Glowing Flaky Gold


CT Gold

Gold, synonymous with opulence and grandeur, embodies the essence of luxury, success, and triumph. Associated with royalty, wealth, and prosperity, this illustrious hue comes in a myriad of shades, each possessing its own distinct attributes cherished across different cultures.

At ChemTech, we present a curated selection of golden pearlescent pigments, emitting a natural metallic sheen and offering diverse levels of luminosity. From champagne to rose, pure to reddish or greenish tones, our palette caters to every shade of gold imaginable.

Whether you seek understated elegance or vibrant richness, our high-end golden Pearlescent Pigments, in combination with other effect materials, will help to bring your meticulously crafted vision to life.

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
CT1325 5-25 Sunny Matt Gold
CT1326 5-25 Reddish Matt Gold
CT1305A 10-60 Greenish Shiny Gold
CT1302 10-60 Reddish Shiny Gold
CT1310 10-100 Metallic Sunny Gold
CT1322 10-100 Metallic Reddish Gold
CT1355 30-150 Greenish Sparkling Gold
CT1366 40-200 Glittery Gold Sparkle


CT Safe Metallic

Silver, copper, and gold stand as pillars of civilization, evoking feelings of stability and luxury. As technology advances, people can easily substitute items of details with their imitations visored by metallic pigments.

Decoration with real metals is not always technologically and functionally possible. Enter Safe Metallics by ChemTech, a series of pearlescent pigments that offers realistic metallic sheens in silver, copper, and bronze tones. With a fine particle size, these pigments unlock a myriad of applications, from decorative paints to flexographic inks, delivering unparalleled realism and aesthetic appeal.

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
CT1302/22M15 10-60 Reddish Bronze
CT1707/02M15 10-60 Greenish Bronze
CT1707M15 5-30 Green Gold
CT3102 5-25 Warm Metallic Silver
CT3115 5-25 Light Metallic Silver
CT3122 5-25 Rosy Metallic Silver


CT Black

Black, often viewed as the antithesis of white, holds a unique allure, but less common in the world of visual effects. Defined by the absence or absorption of visible light, it seemingly contradicts the notions of iridescence and shinning.

Drawing inspiration from nature’s rich palette, including graphite, mica iron oxide, and black diamonds, ChemTech proudly introduces its first edition of black Pearlescent Pigments. Comprising platelets of natural or artificial mica coated with layers of metal oxides, they are available in various shades and particle sizes. Being chemically stable, the pigments are versatile for use in water-based and solvent-based systems.

Whether applied individually or blended with other pigments, they promise to elevate your palette with sophisticated effects, enriching your creative endeavors.

Pearlescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
CT1711/02 <15 Opaque Graphite Grey
CT1734/02 10-45 Charming Smoky Grey
CT1764/23 20-120 Light Shimmering Grey
CT1780 40-200 Argent Glittery Sparkle

Weather-Resistant Pearlescent Pigments

At our company, innovation and creativity are the cornerstones of our success in today’s fiercely competitive market landscape. Weather-resistant (WR) pearlescent pigment range extends the boundaries of special effects, ensuring exceptional performance even in challenging environmental conditions such as high humidity, intense UV exposure, and elevated temperatures.

The “WR” series of Pearlescent Pigments ChemTech boasts outstanding iridescent effects, a diverse array of colours and sizes, and compatibility with a wide range of solvents, including water, making them highly versatile and easy to disperse.

Whether you’re seeking to inject originality and whimsy into a dull solid colour or looking for something truly unique, our list below offers just a glimpse of what we can propose. Contact us for more options.

Product name Particle size, µm Effect
SK9111WR <15 Opaque White
SK9103WR 10-45 Pearly White
SK9153WR 20-100 Shiny White
SK9201WR 5-25 Light Gold
SK9205WR 10-60 Iridescent Gold
SK9300WR 10-45 Soft Gold
SK9303WR 10-45 Royal Gold
SK9307WR 10-60 Shiny Gold
SK9522WR 5-30 Opaque Copper
SK9500WR 5-30 Bronze
SK9502WR 10-60 Copper
SK9504WR 10-45 Wine Red
SK9508WR 10-45 Ruby

Optical Variable Pigments

Optical Variable Pigments – one of the latest additions to our product portfolio, but already attracted attention and approved by many. Their possibility to reflect three or even four obvious colour shifts easily catches attention and spices up to any type of surface. Being very stable in quality, these pigments command a premium price and are highly sought after for security and brand protection applications.

Despite their undeniable appeal, they have yet to gain widespread recognition in decorative applications, but are steadily becoming more accessible for use in printing inks and various coatings.

Today, OVPs are available in a multitude of colours and particle sizes, ranging from fine to flaky ones. Rapidly developing in their production technology, the pigments promise to bring a lot of exciting novelties. For the latest updates and information, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Aluminium Pigments

Aluminium-based pigments are used in numerous surrounding spheres and find application in multiple fields. Whenever a decorative silver or metallic colour is needed, they help with an inexhaustible spectrum of effects, from soft white shimmer to spectacular glitter sparkle, giving designs a contemporary and deluxe appearance.

The pigments are produced from an extra-qualified aluminium powder, using a meticulous wet-milling process. Depending on the application, the proper way of their processing can be chosen. In general, plates of aluminium are available in three shapes (silverdollar, cornflake, and VMP), two grades (leafing, non-leafing), and four forms (dry powder, wetted, paste, and pelletized).

Aluminium Pigments ChemTech are available in various silver shades, quality grades, and particle sizes. Their transformative properties unlock captivating polychromatic effects, empowering modern design visions.

The offerings presented here represent only a fraction of our extensive portfolio. Should you seek something distinctive and bespoke, our Production Site in Riga stands ready to tailor solutions exclusively for your needs.

Silverdollar, non-leafing, wetted for water-based systems

Product name Particle size, µm Effect
WZ10 10 Soft Silver
WZ15 15 Silky Bright Silver
WZ20 20 Light Shiny Silver
WZ40 40 Flickering Silver
WZ60 60 Flashy Silver
WZ80 80 Glittery Silver

Silverdollar, non-leafing, wetted with DOA

Product name Particle size, µm Effect
PZ30 30 Light Shiny Silver
PZ60 60 Flashy Silver

Fluorescent Pigments

Fluorescent pigments, renowned for their ability to emit brighter and more vivid colours under light stimulation, surpass conventional pigments in luminosity. Engineered to deliver striking, intense hues, they are ideal for applications demanding eye-catching vibrancy and uniform colour distribution.

Unlike standard pigments, fluorescent variants absorb ultraviolet light and convert it into visible ones, enhancing the glow. Objects coloured with fluorescent pigments exhibit three times more reflected illumination compared to those coated with regular pigments of similar colour.

ChemTech offers a diverse range of fluorescent pigment products across various hues, each tailored to meet specific technical requirements. Explore our comprehensive line to discover the perfect solution for your needs.

The products showcased here represent only a fraction of our extensive portfolio. Should you seek something different or special, contact us for an offer.

Universal micro-capsulated, resisting 240℃

Fluorescent Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
APW17 Lemon Yellow 3 Toxic Lemon
APW18 Green 3 Acid Green
APW15 Orange Yellow 3 Poisonous Orange
APW14 Orange Red 3 Burning Orange
APW13 Red 3 Electric Red
APW11 Pink 3 Neon Pink
APW21 Magenta 3 Bright Fuchsia
APW19 Blue 3 Synthetic Blue
APW23 White 3 Snow-White

Luminous Pigments

Pigments that absorb photons from sunlight or artificial light and emit them later are known as luminous, luminescent, phosphorescent, or glow-in-the-dark. This absorption and subsequent emission process, which gradually diminishes, can repeat over a cyclical period of more than 30 years.

Luminous pigments boast environmental friendliness and human safety, making them suitable for specialized cosmetics and emergency lighting applications, such as in airplanes, where they resist fading from sunlight and extreme weather conditions.

ChemTech offers Luminous Pigments in various particle sizes, base and emitting colours, glow time, providing versatility for a range of applications. The products featured here represent just a fraction of our extensive portfolio. Feel free to approach us for more options.

Luminous Pigment ChemTech Particle size, µm Effect
ASG-4FW 2-10 Light yellow / yellow-green
ASG-4EW 5-15 Light yellow / yellow-green
ASG-4DW 25-35 Light yellow / yellow-green
ASB-4EW 5-15 Light white / blue-green
ASB-4DW 15-35 Light white / blue-green

Thermochromic Pigments

Pigments that exhibit colour changes in response to temperature variations are known as thermochromic pigments. Encapsulated with liquid crystals, these pigments can be seamlessly blended with paints, varnishes, inks, resins, rubbers, and more, offering both aesthetic appeal and functional versatility.

Thermochromic pigments come in two main types: reversible and irreversible. Reversible pigments revert to their original colour when the temperature changes, while irreversible pigments cannot regain their hue after heating.

Thermochromic Pigments ChemTech have different activation temperatures (from -10ºC to +70ºC) for colour to bleached (translucent white). With diverse applications, these pigments provide innovative solutions for various industries. For the latest information, feel free to contact us.

Photochromic Pigments

Photochromic pigments constitute a captivating group of colorants that dynamically alter their reflected hue upon exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Their unique ability to transform under such conditions has garnered significant attention. These pigments consist of micro-encapsulated powder, where molecules undergo a change in shape and colour in response to radiation. Depending on the formulation, they can exhibit transparency or coloration, appearing vivid in sunlight and reverting when UV exposure ceases.

Photochromic Pigments ChemTech come in particle sizes ranging from 3 to 12 microns, offering a diverse spectrum of colours with profound effects. With their versatile applications, these pigments provide exciting opportunities for various industries. For the latest information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.