Beads and Granulates


Imagine a material that breathes life into the creative visions of manufacturers across diverse industries. A material capable of replicating a spectrum of contrasting visual effects – from rugged stone to velvety moss, from gleaming precious metals to weathered rust, or even conjuring the illusion of a swirling sandstorm on your walls. If you’re ready to break free from convention and unleash your imagination, step into the realm of ECO-creative innovation with DecoTech Granulates.

DecoTech Granulates offer a myriad of possibilities, available in a range of particle sizes from 0.02µm to 2.0mm, and an array of captivating colours, as well as effects. Whether you seek a mesmerizing depth, metallic sheen, or vibrant glittering sparkle, our granulates provide a versatile selection of granulometries and chromatic options. They seamlessly integrate into any portfolio of effects, elevating decorative finishes and enhancing various artistic applications, while effortlessly creating natural-looking contrasts.


Form: light, powder, odorless.
Colour: neutral, tinted, coloured.
Bulk density: 0.65 g/cm³.
Water absorption: 0.
Available particle sizes:
DTG0002P (≤200µm)
DTG0203P (200-300µm)
DTG0305P (300-500µm)
DTG0507P (0.5-0.7mm)
DTG0712P (0.7-1.2mm)
DTG1220P (1.2-2.0mm)


Universal innovative decorative material.
100% recycled.
ISO 14021 certificate by Bureau Veritas.
Easiness of a system formulation and its further application.
Good lightfastness, UV and weather resistance.
Small batches with colour and effect customization.

Glass beads

How would you replicate delicate drops of morning dew? Of course, with transparent glass beads. These tiny, spherical particles have been crafted for millennia, with the oldest dating back over 3000 years. Today, advancements in production techniques offer at least seven methods and a variety of raw materials for their creation.

Glass beads find widespread use across medical, industrial, and decorative sectors, prized for their temperature resistance and durable physical and chemical properties. Available in a spectrum of colours, finishes, reflectivity levels, and sizes, these beads offer versatility in application.

Within our extensive product line at Glass Beads ChemTech, you’ll discover a diverse array of beads tailored to suit your specific application needs, desired effects, and budgetary considerations, ensuring optimal efficiency and performance.

Reflective glass beads

Reflective Glass Beads from ChemTech are crafted from highly durable, light-reflecting materials, offering exceptional visibility and safety. Available in a range of particle sizes, from 15 to 70 micrometers, these beads can be completely transparent or coated with a silver pigment. While larger beads boast increased light reflection due to their larger surface area, smaller beads have demonstrated superior durability.

A pivotal innovation for safety, Reflective Glass Beads find widespread application in road marking paints and signage, where they play a crucial role in enhancing visibility and saving lives. Beyond their utilitarian function, these beads also lend a touch of enchantment to various design applications, infusing surfaces with a captivating shimmer.

Plastic beads

Plastic beads, characterized by their round and solid polymer composition, are typically produced via suspension polymerization, ranging in diameter from a few to several hundred micrometres. These small spherical particles offer versatility in various applications.

Produced through the polymerization of methyl methacrylate monomers (PMMA), Plastic Beads from ChemTech exhibit properties similar to glass beads. However, their perfectly round shapes, lightweight composition, and durable material make them suitable for a wide range of uses. With excellent optical properties and exceptional weather resistance, these beads offer numerous advantages.

Plastic Beads from ChemTech are solid, lightweight, transparent, and pure, providing benefits such as low density, easy processing, and versatility in design applications. Their stylish appearance and eye-catching accents make them a valuable addition to surface design projects. With a possibility to coat Plastic Beads with different colours and effects at our Production in Riga, we offer an enormous range of instruments for your creativity.

Plastic Beads ChemTech Particle size, mm Effect
PBA00501T 50-100 Opaque
PBA01015T 100-150 Aerial
PBA00200T 200 Transpicuous
PBA0203T 200-300 Crystalline
PBA0206T 200-600 Radiant
PBA0306T 300-600 Luminous
PBA0609T 600-900 Gleaming
PBA0912T 900-1200 Bold

Pu powders

Have you ever wondered why people like the haptics of soft things? Our brains respond to gentle touch with a cascade of “feel-good” chemicals, evoking sensations of warmth and comfort akin to a baby’s delicate skin.

People responsible for product design across various B2C industries strive to imply the most advanced soft-touch effects. Polyurethane, as basic material, is a perfect solution. Being hard and at the same time comfortable, smooth, and matt, it became an ideal polymer for crafting miniature, fluffy spheres that delight the senses.

Enter PU Powder ChemTech, offered in a diverse range of particle sizes from 10 to 50 microns. Designed to imbue surfaces with a natural and distinctive aesthetic, this transparent material adds both visual and tactile softness without overshadowing other special effects. For those seeking versatility, our opaque white variant can be effortlessly tinted to suit any desired hue.

PU Powder ChemTech Particle size, mm Effect
SFP10T 10 Super Opaque
SFP15T 15 Opaque
SFP30T 30 Nebulous
SFP50T 50 Roughly Matt
SFP15W 15 Cotton Snow
SFP30W 30 Delicate White
SFP50W 50 Smoky White